Compare and Contrast Essay

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Compare and Contrast Fictional Essay

201140 Fall 2011 ENGL 102-C01 LUO
Kevin Hartless

September, 2011

The short stories The Rocking Horse Winner and The Destructors have some same characteristics that are the same but there are also many differences. The Characters in both stories have their motivations, and a wide range of behaviors and emotions. Some of the qualities of the characters are good, some are not so good, and some are just evil.
The characters in The Rocking Horse Winner are Paul, Paul’s mom who is not identified by name till the last sentence of the story, Uncle Oscar Creswell, and Bassett. In The Destructors the characters are Mike, Blackie, T or (Trevor), and Old Misery or
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Greene shows that Old Misery is actually a very generous man concerned with the welfare of those around him. This is not stated outright, but only a brief encounter between him and the Wormsley Common Gang when he gives them some chocolate. Greene shows that Blackie has great leadership qualities, by the control he has over the gang. T’s qualities are more obscure then the others. He actually has some great insight in to building, and the engendering of buildings. Greene implies this to his readers by the knowledge that T has to make Old Misery’s house collapse from the inside out.
The attitudes, emotions, and behaviors of each of the characters between the two stories cover a wide range of possibilities. They cover greediness, self-sacrifice, selfishness, obsession, and many more. In The Rocking Horse Winner Paul was very somber, worried, and obsessed. Laurence uses Paul’s emotions to show that Paul wanted very much to please his mother; he thought he could buy her love, and so became obsessed with money that it killed him. Paul’s mother was extremely selfish she could not get over the fact that anyone could be better off than she was, even her own child. Uncle Oscar was an easy going and well rounded, and seemed to be concerned about his family, but underneath he seemed to have some ulterior motives. The emotions in The Destructors were different for the most part with

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