Psychology Vs Abnormal Psychology Essay

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What is Psychology? Psychology cannot simply or easily be defined nor can it be easily characterised. This age long dilemma of the purpose of Psychology is what scientists and philosophers have tried to understand. An attempt to understand the minds and behaviours of man from the most primitive mind to the most complex one but for this paper, we will use the definition given by H. D. Hamm Ph.D., who authored and maintains a site for Northern Michigan University, defines psychology as the "scientific study of the behaviour of humans and animals". From the above, we can deduce that Psychology specifically looks at patterns of behaviours and seeks to understand these behaviours and mindsets of both humans and living organisms

For this paper, we are looking at two types of behaviours Normal and Abnormal behaviour. These behaviours may seem very straight forward but they are not and without attempting to be philosophical what is normal or abnormal? How do we justify a behaviour as normal and the other as abnormal because what is normal to Person A may be abnormal to Person B hence the question, is there a universal acceptable standards for measuring what is normal? The
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They both had healthy appetite but now they don’t. They are both experiencing changes that defeats medical reasons however, their behaviour could be looked at from the behavioural model and as well as Psychodynamic model however, if we analyse these changes based on the abnormal behaviour criterion, it is very difficult to say that they have abnormal behaviour however, there is a deviation from their normal behaviour that calls for concern but this could be temporary and could have been caused by a medical condition or a sudden change in their lives. In all it extremely impossible to say these cases are clear cut cases that can be classified as abnormal more so, what is abnormal to one person may not be to

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