Compare And Contrast Two Early Perspectives Of Psychology

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Early Perspectives of Psychology

Question 1: Compare and contrast two early perspectives of psychology. Be sure to include comparisons of founders, methods, and philosophers.
Have you ever wondered why people do the things they do, or why people behave the in certain ways? Have you ever thought about how people process information to reach specific results? For hundreds of years, medical doctors, physiologists, and philosophers have always speculated and contemplated the psychological aspects of science and how it relates to people. It was only until about 130 years ago when psychology became an issue to be explored by applying and testing theories, scientific principles, and observations. Many perspectives developed in the late 19th century
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In other words, in the English language, people are taught to read specific words by their spellings, how we memorize these spellings and learn to put them into context. This is an example of behaviorism because we are being taught and conditioned how to use the letters and in what manner to use them. Watson wanted to focus on the concepts of behaviors such as these which can be observed. Wertheimer wanted to explore the theories around cognitive thinking, and how we perceive these methods. There are the basic words, which the education system now refers to as “sight words” which are words taught as a whole. They are taught to be recognized as a word once seen, not as the individual letters, but as the word itself. For example, the word ‘and’ is first taught as a whole word, recognized in text at first sight, without learning the spelling first, and it does not follow any particular rule in language arts. This is Gestalt psychology. “This means, of course, what one has learned must control one 's entire set of perceptions, thoughts, mental characteristics, and actions (Webb, 2008).” Having all these at the same time is identifying the whole, rather than the individual

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