Compare and Contrast Alderfer's Erg Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy Needs Theory

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The Significance of the Human Resources Role in The Hotel Sector in Harare, Zimbabwe
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Human Resources Manager for Servcor (Pvt) Ltd., Zimbabwe Midlands State University, Graduate School of Business Leadership, Zimbabwe also been negatively affected by these poor employment practices which have been exacerbated by economic cycles and fragile political systems. In Zimbabwe, organisations in the Hotel sector particularly in Harare are facing similar problems. Such problems emanate from poor working conditions, increased labour court cases, low remuneration, high labour turnover, poor or non existent career structures, and lack of
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The hotel ratings are according to the {15} ratings. This study was based on a descriptive survey research design. Both qualitative and quantitative data was collected. For this study a questionnaire was chosen as the data collection instrument. The findings indicated that there was need for a paradigm shift for the HR function from being implementers to formulators of business strategy. The HR function should achieve this by becoming a strategic partner through spending less time on administrative activities and participating more effectively in the hotel processes and activities that define its strategy. Keywords Significance of HR, Strategic Role, HR Integration, Communication and Participation, Retention I. Introduction The field of human resources management (HRM) has evolved over the years. HRM has evolved from being a mere policing function focused on the custodianship of policies and procedures to being more involved in the strategic direction of organizations. The tourism sector has not been spared. Internationally, the continuing growth of world markets increase in the availability of technological and management know-how in different countries, progress in telecommunications and the political and economic integration world wide have led to the increase in globalisation of Tourism and Hospitality organisations. Resultantly, this has brought about some challenges in terms of how organisations approach a range of human resources issues. Globalization of business

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