Similarities Between A Rose For Emily And The Yellow Wallpaper

A Rose For Emily is a short story written by William Faulkner. It revolves around a woman who lived her entire life in solitude in a small town. The yellow wallpaper on the other hand, by Charlotte Perkins, depicts the struggle of a woman with psychosis who is deprived treatment due to ignorance of her doctor husband which leads to deterioration of her health drastically. These two stories are interrelated in that both represent plies of women in a sexist society where men impose decisions on them. The two short stories have the following similarities:
The setting of both of the stories is a house. Emily was left in her father’s house alone after his death while Jane’s husband takes her to live in an ancestral home for three months and they take the nursery room.
Both stories are written in the first person narration.
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Emily was unmarried and lonely and its this situation that led to her solitude hence miserable state.
A Rose for Emily depicts how sexism(her dad secluding her from men) drove Emily to be a loner and finally a murderer due to her inability to deal with rejection. Jane on the other hand is tired of sexism on the part of her husband and brother who both impose decisions on her and her way of dealing is mentally which drives her mental health to deteriorate. She starts hallucinating showing the extent of the damage of being controlled on her.
The author of The Yellow Wallpaper writes the story of her personal experience with psychosis and her struggles with the aim of creating awareness for correct diagnosis of mental illnesses and anxiety and not just the “Rest and do nothing” remedy. A rose for Emily was a somewhat salutation for a woman who managed to live such a horrible life of solitude and dismay and what better way than to offer her a

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