Comparative On Hinduism And Buddhism Essay

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Comparative on Hinduism and Buddhism
Suffering is the state of undergoing pain, distress, or hardship. There are two religions that use this as a basis for their religion, Hinduism, and Buddhism These two religions started in India and are relatively similar. But what are the differences, and similarities of these two religions? Until deciding how similar of different these two religions are, one has to know the facts of both. First off Hinduism is a term made up from outsiders then was later take up from insiders. Unlike other religions, Hinduism doesn’t have a singular founder, authoritive text and had many different forms of the divine. With Hinduism there are two perspectives, Householder, and Renounciant. Householders are focused on the dharma (universe) and their place in society. As for Renouncing their goal would be moksha (Liberation) from their existence by renouncing society.
In this Religion Hinduism outlines three paths to either dharma or moksha, and they are Path of knowledge, action, and devotion. The path of knowledge is the hardest path because one has to use philosophical examination and meditation practice witch can lead to liberation. As for the path of action someone has to observe one’s dharma, without concern for the result, this will lead to one’s liberation. As for the path of devotion all one has to do is pick a deity and worship them will much passion. All of these paths are all said to take you to the ultimate goal. Buddhism is distinctive…

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