Comparative Commentary Essay

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The first extract is from a novel called “Chocolat” by Joanne Harris which was published in 1999, whereas the second extract is from a website of the “From Bean to Bar” chocolate company which was published in 2006. Both extracts concern themselves with chocolate and the way it is manufactured, although they both have different intentions. The first extract is from a novel and describes the delightful pleasure of creating chocolate, whereas the second extract is used to promote and advertise the chocolate and make it more appealing to the reader, and also focuses on the importing and the cocoa plant itself.

The first extract is from a novel, which can be seen by a variety of techniques which are common for novels. The text is written
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Also, descriptive adjectives such as “slowly roast”, the “snap” and the “bloom” are used to make the chocolate more enticing to the reader as one can imagine the taste better when it is described to objects/experiences one has experienced before. Therefore, the texts both appeal to the senses. Furthermore, both texts use professional diction such as ”tempered” in the firsts text and “conche” in the second text. In the first text, this adds to the atmosphere, just as the reference to a French word “patisserie-chocolatierie” which creates a certain flair for the reader. In the second text, these words are used to impress the reader and create a trust as the reader expects a professional result.
In first extract has a very personal, even anecdotal tone is present. This can be seen by the quote “Guy, my confectioner, has known me for a long time”, which shows personal references and experiences of the narrator. Also, references to magic such as “there is a kind of alchemy” and “The bitter elixir of life” create a mystic tone and atmosphere are help the reader to understand the narrators’ fascination with chocolate and its process. References to the tastes the reader might know such as “vanilla” and “cinnamon” creates a very personal connection to the reader, since these references maybe remind the reader of a similar experience and therefore the reader can further understand the narrator, increasing pleasure of reading. The

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