Comparative Analysis: The Taming Of The Shrew

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Comparative essay
In “the taming of the shrew” the love that Kat has, is but an illusion of love rather than the actual feeling whereas in “10 things I hate about you” there is a much more clear and truthful love that develops, this is seen through Katherine’s ability to stay true to herself. It could be argued that there is love between Katherine and Petruchio in T.O.T.S. but I believe that if there was any at all, it is more one sided because she loses the ability to speak for herself and has to be what Petruchio wants her to be.
In Taming of the shrew, our story is set during a time where women were deemed only important for getting married and having children, serving their husbands in general. In this time period it was quote unquote important for a woman to be married, however Katharine makes it clear from the beginning that she wants no part in serving a husband.
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The feelings between Pertrucio and Katharine are less the love between a man and wife, and more like that of a case of Stockholm syndrome because in a sense, Katharine is held captive in her own home. Katharine does not have the free will to be herself. In “ten things I hate about you” we see the true happy ending for Kat and Patrick. You see a real happiness to the relationship in the end. There is conflict as there would be in any relationship, but there is also an undeniable connection between the two. When Kat reads the poem she wrote and says the line “I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.” There is a real sense of emotion to her words. It in no way sounds forced, and the words themselves tell the listener that despite their conflicts and her desperate attempt to shut people out, she loves him for being the one person to see through it and actually take the time to understand her and bring out the good side to her, but also encourages her to be

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