Essay Company G 3 Year Marketing Plan

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Company G
3-Year Marketing Plan
Assessment Code: 318.1.5-06-15
Student Name: Nicholas Antes
Student ID: 000285754
Date: 7-21-14
Mentor Name: Ann Weaver Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Mission Statement 3
The Product 3
Consumer Product Classification 3
Target Market 3
Competitive Situation Analysis 4
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model 4
SWOT Analysis 4
Strengths 5
Weaknesses 5
Opportunities 5
Threats 6
Market Objectives 6
Product Objective 6
Price Objective 6
Place Objective 6
Promotion Objective 7
Marketing Strategies 7
Product Strategies 7
Price Strategies 7
Place Strategies 7
Promotion Strategies 7
Tactics and Action Plan 8
Product Action Plan 8
Price Action Plan 8
Place Action Plan
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Three seconds may not seem like very long but due to the size and speed these creations can travel, they can more than achieve their tasks before the time is up. This amazing innovation in oral hygiene allows our customers to relish in the utmost quality of life alongside the unparalleled convenience of no longer requiring the integration of previous dental practices.
Consumer Product Classification Company G classifies the NB17 as a convenience good as it incorporates the everyday need for oral hygiene with the enjoyment of snacking. All individuals have need for this product as it will save time, energy, and resources while replacing common dental practices which places it into the subcategory of staple. The purchase frequency for this product will certainly be frequent as it overtakes multiple everyday practices adding convenience to necessity. Although it may appear to be a specialty item, Company G firmly believes it to be a convenience good with the forecasted mass appeal.
Target Market The target market for the NB17 should be individuals over the age of twelve. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulates nanotechnology and has established that although the technology is safe, at a younger age the volume of saliva is insufficient to properly dissolve the NB17. The product was developed in such a way that it will properly dissolve within the stomach in a worst-case-scenario situation as a

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