Company G 3 Year Marketing Plan Essay

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Table of Contents
Introduction 3
Mission Statement 3
The Product 3
Consumer Product Classification 3
Target Market 3
Competitive Situation Analysis 4
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model 4
SWOT Analysis 4
Strengths 5
Weaknesses 5
Opportunities 5
Threats 6
Market Objectives 6
Product Objective 6
Price Objective 6
Place Objective 6
Promotion Objective 7
Marketing Strategies 7
Product Strategies 7
Price Strategies 7
Place Strategies 7
Promotion Strategies 7
Tactics and Action Plan 8
Product Action Plan 8
Price Action Plan 8
Place Action Plan 8
Promotion Action Plan 8
Monitoring Procedures 9

Introduction Company G is well-respected for its quality, innovative products that improve consumer’s
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Promotion will be important, with in-store demonstrations allowing customers to feel the actual cooling power, and online videos allowing internet consumers to see the product in action.
Target Market Today’s families are busier than ever, with both parents working outside the home, long commutes and extra-curricular activities creating packed schedules for everyone. Company G knows that busy moms are the main home cooks, and have identified the target market as married women, ages 30 – 50, with 2 or more children at home, with an income ranging from $45k - $75k. They work outside the home, either at a full time job, or volunteering, creating demands on their time beyond that of a mother. They are concerned about eating healthy, and providing healthy foods for their family. They like to purchase the newest models of appliances, and embrace new technology when it becomes available, especially when it can make their life easier.
Competitive Situation Analysis
Analysis of Competition using Porter’s 5 Forces Model
Competitive Rivalry: The CoolCooker is a unique model of slow cooker. While there are many other slow cookers on the market, ours is the only one that offers the cool feature. Because of this we expect rivalry intensity to be low at product launch. As competitors gain knowledge of the cooling technology, and introduce competing products, the competitive rivalry will increase.
Threat from New Entrants: Threats from New

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