Companies Working For Walmart Trading Efficiency And Profit For Safety

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Another blatant example of companies working for Walmart trading efficiency and profit for safety was the Rana Plaza incident, the deadliest catastrophe in the history of the global garment industry. The Rana Plaza was a very large factory that housed five different clothing companies. It housed around 5,400 people; all who worked to produce clothing of many different brands select companies, including Walmart. On April 23, 2013, more than a year after the Tazreen Factory Incident, large fractures appeared in the walls of the factory. Although there was obvious damage, supervisors threatened to dock the worker 's wages if they did not show up the next day. The next morning, an announcement over the loud speaker told the workers that the damage had been fixed. A lie, considering the building collapsed an hour later taking down over 3,000 employees inside. Around 1,340 workers were killed, and as much as 2,500 were injured in this terrible incident. Due to the high amount of work orders Wal-Mart had sent to Rana Plaza, it could be argued that the failed factory safety was due largely in part to filling all Wal-Mart 's orders in time.
The Rana Plaza incident cost thousands of families their ability to work. Some families lost their only able-bodied workers, many other individuals were disabled due to their injuries and are now unable to work and support their families. So far, and only after heavy ethical and political pressure, Wal-Mart has donated a million dollars to the…

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