Community Losses : The Cost Of Education Reform Essay

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In Community Losses: The Cost of Education Reform, Susan DeJarnatt (2014), explores the concept of education as public good versus a private good in Philadelphia. She examines the current treeatment of public education as a private good, and opines that the current themes of privitization, school choice, and accountability metrics by standardized high stakes testing, fails to incorporate the “democratic equality” (DeJarnatt, 2014). She paraphrases Diane Ravitch, that the focus on education as private good, “turns students and families from citizens to consumers” (DeJarnatt, 2014). Interestingly, DeJarnatt (2014), examines three pillars supporting this mentality. First, that the provider of education, private or public, does not matter as long as the education is “good” (DeJarnatt, 2014). Second, that “good” education is determined by the results of high stake standardized testing (DeJarnatt, 2014). Finally, DeJarnatt (2014), puts forth the third pillar, school choice, where parents decide where to enroll their children; referencing the market forces, examined in earlier discussed literature, where parents presumably will “flock” to better performing schools. While admitting that she cannot determine in her report if the public schools are failing, she opines that current system is underpinned by the assumption that the current system of education public school student is broke (DeJarnatt, 2014). DeJarnatt (2014) bluntfully states that Philadelphia charter schools…

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