Community Interpreting Level 3 Assign (1) Understanding the Role of Community Interpreter

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In this assignment we will discuss what is community interpreting, the role of the community interpreter, the skills the community interpreter has to have.
It will discuss also the different settings and professionals involved in community interpreting as well as the different forms of interpreting and their employment.

What is Community Interpreting?

Community Interpreting has been defined in various ways but it could be simplified to being “….a specific type of interpreting service which is particularly vital in communities with large numbers of ethnic minorities, enabling those minorities to access services where, due to the language barrier, they would otherwise find it difficult”.(1)

The First International Conference on
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When s/he feels that they have been inadequately briefed;
2. When s/he feels that they do not have adequate training or support; or
3. When s/he is subject to unacceptable demands or behaviour from clients.
• complete impartiality which means that:
1. The interpreter will not negotiate or advocate on behalf of either party;
2. The interpreter will not act as advisor or counsellor for any party; or
3. The interpreter will not attempt to influence the outcome of any exchange between parties.

However, the interpreter may, as a separate assignment, give guidance on cultural norms and differences, in order to facilitate fuller understanding between parties, also he could ask the service provider professional not to use euphemistic expressions and be as clear as possible with the client.

Furthermore, the interpreter could act as an advocate on behalf of the client in situations s/he might feel that the client is being undermined or s/he could even direct the service provider to give more clear and definitive information in cases when s/he feels that the

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