Community In Islam: The Five Pillars Of Islam

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Community in the Islamic faith is deeply integrated into the religion. For Islam you must follow the five pillars of Islam, in which each pillar is a compulsory act. These five pillars of Islam revolve around ummah. Ummah is an Arabic word that means community. The pillars are the salat, sawm, zakat, hajj, and the shahada. Salat, the first pillar is for the prayers, in this religion prayers are performed 5 times a day. There are specific times that one must pray while praying everyone in the world that follows the belief is also praying. The feeling of unity as everyone prays in a submissive posture is important. Even if you are praying isolated in your home, you know for a fact that there are others praying alongside of you. While praying the followers face towards the geographical location Mecca. Mecca …show more content…
The Jihad is also referred to as religious duties, these duties can range to various things however getting over the struggle requires either an individual or communal effort. In the Islamic faith Allah is god and god is everywhere, Allah is the only god. This faith does not have an image or an idols of Allah, because Allah is too great to be limited to an image or an idol, Allah is the most powerful and is everywhere. The way they represent Allah is through aniconic abstractions in their calligraphy, music, and art. As the doctrine of the Oneness of God, known as the tawhid, the Quran is Allah’s revelation of himself, eternal and unlimited far beyond the letters and the pages in each book. With this kind of power there is no pictures of statues of Allah, not even in the mosques, however the passages of the Quran (Allah’s revelation of himself) are inscribed with impeccable calligraphy on the Mihrab. The Mihrab is a niche in the wall inside of a mosque in which the people face towards the wall the Mihrab is on, but not towards the Mihrab. The Mihrab indicates that Mecca in that

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