Community Health and Population Focused Nursing Task 1 Essay

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Application of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

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A. The community that I have chosen for the assigned community assessment is Broomfield county in the state of Colorado. This particular county is fairly new in its inception. According to the city and county of Broomfield website’s constitutional amendment section (n.d.), the city of
Broomfield became the city and county of Broomfield on November 15, 2001. Before then, the city of Broomfield was in four different counties namely Adams, Boulder, Jefferson and Weld counties. Geographically, Broomfield is located about 17 miles north of the city of Denver and about 14 miles east of Boulder. There are no hospitals in
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One difference that I found out was that the Hispanic and Asian community tend to live in households with 3 to 4 generations in a family dwelling while most Caucasian households have more of an independent mindset into being on their own once they reach adulthood. When asked what they considered the age of adulthood was,
Caucasians considered ages between 18 to low 20's while Hispanics and Asians considered it to be later, say in the mid 20's. There is also a culture of fast food within the community as residents purchase fast food on average about 3 times a week for their sustenance. During an interview with an Asian family, they were surprised that there were a lot of nursing homes and assisted living places close by. They said they would never put their elderly in nursing homes because it is their duty to take care of them till they pass away.
During the windshield survey, upon assessing the landscape of the county, it presented as a typical suburban city comprised mostly of residential housing. Houses varied from single family homes, townhouses, condominiums and modular homes. There was an area where

business offices and buildings were the predominant architecture and a large mall that serviced the community, this was located mostly in the west side of the county. Most homes were very well kept and not in disrepair. Roads are paved and traffic moves pretty

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