Community Development Projects Offer Information On The Principles Of Community

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Community development projects offer information on the principles of community development including aims, support, capacity building, evaluation, and expected outcomes. The project’s purpose is to identify the issue of petrol sniffing in a remote Aboriginal community and develop a program to assist in reducing this issue. Employment shortages, boredom, and lack of traditional practices were the core issues identified. For these reasons, a youth cultural arts project has been designed to empower youth and provide a positive activity in the community to provide harm minimisation.
Q1: What is the framework or approach you are adopting to community development?
The community development project is a youth cultural arts project. The base of this project is to engage local youth in a community arts project facilitated by local artists and Aboriginal Elders. Two art pieces will be created, the first being a traditional piece, designed and constructed by all participants. The second piece of art is an individual art that illustrates their idea of contemporary Aboriginal culture. Each personal art piece will be placed together to form one large art piece. These art works will be presented to the local community during the National Aborigines and Islanders Day Observance Committee (NAIDOC) week (NAIDOC, 2016).
The framework this project will adapt is the community development framework. This framework aims to work collaboratively with communities, to deliver a program that is a…

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