Essay on Communism During The Cold War

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The United States took a variety of different steps in attempting to stop or contain the spread of communism during the era of the Cold War. The United states, which was a democracy , had the responsibility of fighting the spread of communism not only back at home, but outside of the country as well. Many different ideas and policies were developed to try and stop the spread of communism in places such as, Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Moreover, these policies and ideas helped the United States to be effective in stopping the spread of communism. America fought very hard in WWII and it was time to clutch onto what was actually fought for. During the Cold War, Europe was in a stage of rebuilding from the effects of WWII, and communism was spreading rapidly there as well. The main source of communism in Europe was The Soviet Union led by, Joseph Stalin. There seemed to have been a power struggle between The Soviet Union and the rest of Europe. Although, the Soviets controlled the election in the Eastern part of Europe, therefore everyone voted communism, and that is how communism took the lead in Europe. The United states became aware of this and began setting up the Marshall Plan. This plan gave $1.3 billion to rebuild Western Europe and it was a great success rebuilding the industry and infrastructure of England, West Germany, and France. Additionally, Truman also set up a plan for Greece and Turkey known as the, Truman Doctrine. This policy included $40 million aid…

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