Communism And Its Effects On Society Essay

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If you look at a world map today, you will see an overwhelming majority of countries implementing capitalist ideals and many of them have become very successful. However, very few still apply communist ideals, in contrast to the many countries who tried such forms of government in the 20th century. It is my belief that although communism may not be a bad idea all together, it is still a flawed system that cannot work, and a free market system is better. One reason Communism does not work is because it is human nature to be better or worse than someone else. The basis of Communism is that all people are equal in a society and should have equal food, work and housing. At first this may seem like a good idea that could perhaps work, but human nature is to strive to be better than oneself or another. So if equalness is created amongst a society, where every person has the same income, food and opportunities, it cannot work. People are too eager to be better than others, so corruption can easily form. This is why, in my opinion, capitalist societies thrive, because it creates a society where some people do well and become successful, and others do not. Which coincides with the Human emotion to want to rise above others.

Another reason Communism fails, is because of the way dictators take advantage of the government controlling the people’s goods and income. Communist leaders like Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot and Mao Zedong left millions dead under their communist regimes.…

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