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Marco Lappo
CMN 101-101
3 November 2015
Communication 101: Paper #2
Communicating and Leading: Change in Organizations
The case study, Communicating and Leading: Change in Organizations, focuses on Kathy Fuller who is the assistant Vice President at Third Bank in Carson, Texas after transferring from the Chicago location. Fuller was asked to go to the Carson location in order to help the struggling branch improve in its productivity and overall success. On her first day, Kathy has a meeting with the shift supervisors and business lead- Debbie Borders, Christy Flynn, Sean Cooper and Matt. They inform Fuller on the problems the branch has come into due to the previous management, and leave her with the task of figuring out how to
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Dynamic can best be described as “The ability or willingness to change as an organization” (Stoner). We see that while speaking about change, the Third Bank employees believe that the ‘new plans’ “are the ‘flavor of the month’ that will soon blow over and things would be back to normal” (Bates 22). When you have employees thinking to themselves that new and positive change will be short lived, it is clear that the company is not dynamic as change appears to never last long. “In order for an organization to be strong and successful, they need to be able to adapt and change. One that never changes will fail.” (Stoner). With upper management noticing a lack of productivity and successfulness from the Carson Third Bank Branch, Fuller is now faced with the task of implementing organizational characteristics in order to better the company and make it more successful.
Although exhibiting a lack of multiple, vital, characteristics of an organization, Third Bank Texas branch does show characteristics of being established. In order for an organization to be established, “People outside of the organization must recognize you as a social entity” (Stoner). At the start of her first day on the job, Fuller is outside in the parking lot, observing her new ‘home’ and sees, “Inside, several hundreds of people were processing customer payments to ensure that when John Doe in Vermont mailed his check to the cable company (a customer of Third Bank), that the check would be processed”

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