Essay on Communication

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Communication in Business

The Merriam Webster's dictionary defines communication as the following: “a process by which information is exchanged between individuals through a common system of symbols, signs, or behavior .” Communication is verbal and non-verbal. It is an essential skill which humans and animals do to coexist with one another.

For most people communication is necessary for survival. A mother of a newborn child needs to know how to communicate with her baby so that the baby can live. The mother will encode the different cries of her baby to determine the infant's needs. This is one of the most primal needs for human beings.

As a child
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These various methods of communications are formal. Formal communication is necessary for a company to keep employees abreast of what's going on in the company. It is the means by which an organization protects itself by ensuring that every employee understands the rules, updates, and their duties. Employees also engage in formal communication by expressing themselves to management for work related issues.

Informal communication is also known as hearing something through the grapevine. As mentioned before, communication is a basic human need. Employees form relationships with each other, and they socialize before work, during lunch breaks, and after work. This form of communication is hearing things through the grapevine. The cause of gossip, hearing through the grapevine, or informal communication occurs when employees feel like they are not hearing the truth, or if the organization conveniently omits important information to employees.

If a company is going to downsize, it is communicated formally, with the employees. This communication is usually done by a carefully, constructed email that goes out to the staff members. This is the point where gossip gets fertilized and grows into a monster. An organization that's going through major changes may even have their lawyers generate an email to distribute to employees, in addition to a company meeting where the

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