Communication Theory Essay

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Communication is essential no matter what type of organization you are in. According to (communication theory. (2005) “Communication is seen to involve an information source encoding a message which is transmitted via a channel to a receiver, where it is decoded and has an effect.” Different scenarios require different methods of communication, whether it is direct or face to face, or indirect via telephone or email. Most times, when people are trying to communicate, it is to present an idea, or method of which they think is important. Not everyone may view this point of view or ideal in the same way that you do. One way to be prepared is to be knowledgeable about your idea, whatever it is you are planning to present to your receiving …show more content…
The last place I had worked had that type of mentality, only it was gender based. I worked in a small town pie factory, and the boss would not hire any men because “men don’t belong in a kitchen making pies” ironically, the boss was male. That type of communication towards us women was in a belittling manner, making most of us feel that we only belonged in a kitchen instead of holding a higher position in that company. According to (The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc 2002) it states that “It is naive to assume that all women or all men communicate in the same way. Neither are males and females always different in how they communicate. Studies do indicate some general differences and similarities, however.” I think we should all be conscious of the variations of communication, and adjust accordingly, embracing new methods and not afraid to break down barriers that might exist.
I think one of the things that can be done to improve communication strategies is to offer an effective communications class that elaborates on the various methods of communicating as well as touching on gender and cultural differences and how to overcome these differences to communicate effectively and efficiently. No one should feel as if they cannot communicate with someone else based on their race, or culture, or gender. Teach them how to choose their words as to not

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