Essay on Communication : The Important Aspects Of Business

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Communication is one of the most important aspects of business. Communication, whether it be oral, written, or non-verbal, is very important for relaying messages. There is a process of communication, which involves a sender encoding, or forming the information into language or symbol, in which they would like to share with a receiver, who is required to decode, or interpret the message, in order for the process to be completed. Communication seems like a simple closed loop process, but there are many variables in which throw the process off. Simple things like appropriately listening, noise, perception of certain words or actions can all interrupt the flow of information. There are several barriers to communication, these consist of four main categories, which include: process, personal, physical, and semantic barriers. Process barriers would include anything in which disturbs the actual flow of information, from both sides as well as the medium. The medium may be anything from the actual forum of meeting, size of a meeting, call, email, letter, conversation, internet, and so on. Possible breakdown in the communication process is easier than you might expect. The sender might not encode the information properly, due to poor language skills or poor word choice, or even procrastinating the sending of the message. The receiver might be emotional reactions, not having the proper language skills to understand the word choice, misinterpretation of the message or jargon used,…

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