Communication Is The Key For Success Essay

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Communication is the key to success. So everyone should communicate with each other in an honest way when required to solve difficulties that the organization is facing. One should not play nasty revenge games with each other. Instead help each other for the growth of the company.

Cooperation, Support and Empowerment
Employees should cooperate with each other as it reduces the chances of conflicts, confusion and chaos. Workers should have healthy competition with each other instead of spiteful backstabbing, vengeful.

Sense of Humor
It is not possible to work continuously whole day long, so employees should have fun and laugh at times to remove stress and tension. As laughter is very important and generates endorphins.
Compassion, Respect and Understanding
There are times when employees face certain challenges like illness, accidents, natural disasters and personal tragedies. This is the time when employees should show their kindness and understanding with one another unexpected tragedies can happen with anyone. Helping one another will make them respect each other situation.

The environment keeps changing so as the trends of the company. A company should be flexible enough to face changes, accommodate new technology and trends and incorporate new ideas and skills. And if the changes are not made within adequate time then the company may suffer loss.

Positive Reinforcement
The company should keep motivating its employees by positive reinforcement such as…

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