Essay on Communication Is An Audience And Share Ideas

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The purpose of communication is to captivate an audience and share ideas. Both the audience and the ideas balance each other out. TED talk is great example of communication. The greatest minds are in a small room, connecting with each other and sharing different experiences. My experience with communication is not as life changing or as deep, but our voices should still be heard. A lamb is lost without its shepherd like a writer without a pen. The pen is our voice and if the pen runs out of ink then we are dead. For we have than run out of breath and have passed on. Only when we die is when our ideas die too. Of course like Steve Job’s legacy our ideas can still be carried. He had an image in his head to change the way people communicate in everyday life. Although Steve Jobs was not successful at his first attempts he had a dream that one day we would be able to communicate at faster speeds and connect with a larger audience. Technology was not the first methods of connecting with others and sharing ideas. Religion could be considered the pioneer of creating ideals held dearly by people. Christianity created art and gained followers who went to war over a simple image of a god. This movement created art and huge citadels that consisted of people listening to a preacher who told stories to those, who were curious, and wanted to believe in the same ideals. Books have been banned because of the ideas of different religions though. Like Harry Potter being seen as satanic.…

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