Communication Barriers Essay

Register to read the introduction… By doing this, you will discover the areas of difficulty and challenge within your group. You will need to meet with each employee individually and discover their personal opinions and experiences within the office. Make sure you ask precise questions about communication barriers. You will need to develop a survey and require each employee to participate anonymously. The survey should contain from 20-25 questions. The questions should be able to reflect all the barriers in the office. Have your employees turn the survey in within a week. This should show you all the strengths and weaknesses that are within your group. You could also create a group to focus on each person to be able to express their opinions without the fear of being misunderstood. Everyone in the group needs to be honest. The group will need to select someone to take notes to bring to …show more content…
It will play a vital role in the group. Most people, in most circumstances, will try to avoid groupthink. This should generate more ideas with the group looking for an effective solution. The group is more open to their co-workers opinions along with their plan to execute their idea. By having some conflict, the employee will be persuading. They will give all the reasons their plan is the best and why the other is not. They will provide examples for both. I think that this brings out the best for the office.
In my experiences, when there has been a conflict in the group, they will be more motivated to come up with a plan that will be effective for everyone. Unfortunately, there is always a negative side to group conflict. Usually if the conflict cannot be resolved, it will be from someone’s feelings getting hurt. They will feel that they were purposely attacked. Usually if you talk with them, they will realize that they were not personally attacked. In my opinion, there is more good than bad with group conflict. In one situation, the group conflict came up with the most effective to plan. This plan involved making the work environment more productive and efficient. When the employees feel they play a vital role in everyday activities, the more pleasant the

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