Communication and Information Technology Essay

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Communication and Information Technology Paper
HCS 320
April 11, 2011

As the human race has evolved so has the technology that has allowed our lives to be easier and even more productive. In the health care field advances in technology have even gone so far to allow human life expectancy to increase drastically from what it was ages ago. Technology certainly has contributed much to health care, and as we move into the 21st century advances in technology will only continue to benefit our lives. With the invention of television, phones, computers, e-mail, Internet, and videoconferencing, health care has started to use these new forms of media technology to allow patients and health care professionals to work together in a way they
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Telemedicine can affect patients both in positive and negative ways but possessing access to media in order to communicate with health care professionals is the main concept behind telemedicine. Using telemedicine may allow families that can afford to have computers, Internet, phones, and other media in their home the ability to reap the benefits of using telemedicine. However, low income families will have difficulties using the technology as they are not able to afford to have the required media in their homes to access the benefits of telemedicine (du Pre, 2005). As technology is updated as well people that have money to purchase the new media items will continue to benefit, while the people who cannot afford the new technology will not learn how to use it and fall even more behind the power curve.
Because telemedicine is rather costly to set up and maintain, health care professionals cannot decide on how they should charge for telemedicine services (du Pre, 2005). The use of telemedicine and face-to-face communication can be very similar and research shows that though many health care professionals are comfortable with using new media technology after being properly trained, a majority still prefer face-to-face communication with their patients (Simms, Gibson, O’Donnel, 2011).
Telemedicine has the capability to be very beneficial with the ability it has to bridge long distances between patients and

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