Communication And Communication In The Era Of Communication

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Before technology came into being, communication was very personal in that the parties communicating had to be in the same place for communication to be complete. People had strong personal relationships which played a great role in building healthy societies. As a result of close contact interactions people knew each other better and even how to coexist. Through the analogue communication styles which was majorly face to face, the emotions and feelings were conveyed clearly to the intended recipient. Communication had grown into an active art necessary to the society and its entire existence. With technology however, the art of communication has steadily declined. the way technology is undermining communication by use of social media, virtual …show more content…
People of the same age had their way of communicating in person which is still the case at the moment but without barriers. Communication over the social media, Facebook, twitter and instagram being the most common, there are no boundaries between the age groups. Whatever a teenager shares even a seventy year old with access to the site will view it. The social values of respect and privacy have been undermined by technology (Morin, 6). This relates to the fact that before technology took over the world of communication, people within their age groups communicated in person as opposed to through social media today. The communication ensured boundaries were maintained and healthy relationships as …show more content…
Out of convenience it is now easier to send a text message to a friend within the room rather than walk up to them and say what we want. People would rather call someone in the next room rather than walk to the room and talk to them. Another typical scenario mainly with teens is the instance where they text rather than knock doors. All these convenience methods of communication have been aided by technology. Another case of the decline in communication due to technology is the rate at which people are getting addicted to using their electronic devices. It has been found that at any given point in time during the day, nine out of ten people are looking down at their phones. What will become of communication in the future?

The general conclusion is that technology has made communication heavily impersonal. The definition of communication is set to have a different interpretation of the ongoing trends. It is important that the current generation learns the importance of having healthy and real communications without the interference of technology. Technology should be an aid to communication and not the only mode of

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