Commonalities Between Characters: Similarities Between The Joker And Batman

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Commonalities between characters
The biggest commonality between characters is the love interest between Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, and Rachel. Throughout the film, a love triangle was formed between the three characters. Officially, Dent was with Rachel, even though Bruce expressed his love to Rachel. As they all shared this commonality, they also all expressed their love for one another. In the warehouse scene, Rachel and Dent discuss their love for one another and their plans of marriage before the explosion. But, in a note left to Wayne prior to the explosion, Rachel expresses her love to Bruce, but that she would be marrying Dent. Wayne never read Rachel’s note, while the only character to read the note was Alfred during the montage transition of Dent becoming Two-Face.
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Throughout the film, the Joker proves his real drive for joy is causing chaos rather than wealth. Batman’s joy is making sure Gotham is safe from evil. But, the Joker and Batman continue to fight without killing each other, always backing away from that final punch of death. During the scene where Batman integrates the Joker for information, he asked him why does he want to kill him, creating a laughing reaction from the Joker, “I don’t want to kill you, what would I do without you? Go back to ripping off mob dealers? No, no, no, you complete me.” Even though Batman did not realize it at the time, the Joker proved the commonality of how the characters needed each other in order to

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