Essay about Common Sense By Thomas Paine

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The “Paines” of Common Sense Common sense, written by Thomas Paine in 1776, was a short pamphlet wrote to defy the government in Britain at the time. The pamphlet was said to be “Nothing more than simple facts, plain arguments, and common sense” (University of Arizona). Paine wrote his literary work in a simple language and tone so the common citizen would be able to understand his pleas for independence. Common Sense was also used as a way for the thirteen colonies to gain independence. In the beginning, Paine makes a strong argument then incorporates other arguments within the work. From the start the pamphlet was a success and sold many copies, with 150,000 copies being sold in America. Common Sense is said to be “The most influential pamphlet of the American Revolution. In this paper I’ll identify the purpose of the work and why it was successful, how the work’s purpose was supported in the text, what historical impact the text has, and the pros and cons of the work. (Prof Pauline) When Paine wrote Common Sense he was a fairly new figure to America, he arrived at the New World in November of 1774, and began writing the pamphlet in January of 1776. Paine also arrived in America during a very influential time, the American Revolution. At this time of Paine’s life he didn’t appear to be going anywhere but in a down-ward spiral. When Paine wrote a letter to Benjamin Franklin he described him as being “a clerk or assistant tutor in a school, or assistant…

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