Common Core Standards On Girls And Boys Education Essay

1460 Words Jan 30th, 2016 6 Pages
The United States is most focused on girls and boys education. Through the past and until now education is interesting and more advanced. Education is a part of every girl and boy life in America. One example would be the “Common Core Standards” which is meant to help and prepare students for college and future life. Also, tests and assessments are also growing. There is a set of new graduation expectations and requirements. In order to help and be successful as a student we need to remove the Common Core Standards and let it be the way it was last year in 2014. Common Core Standard is not the right solution to teach us students in America. First reason Common Core Standard will lead to an unnecessary and harmful increase in federal authority over education. For example, “Common Core have expressed concerns with the extent of federal control over education” ( Koh, Tsin Yen 2). Which means Common Core has concerns not only with schools but even it has been grown. Many say Common Core is a first step toward the development of national curriculum. Which would allow the federal government too much control over curriculum and teaching methods. Also, during the research, President Barack Obama supports the Common Core and the development of common assessment which is followed to it’s standards. This mean Obama also believes in Common Core and that it will benefits us. There are many advantages of it but there are also issues, problems in it at the same time. For example, “…

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