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Cheri Allen
COMS 3302
July 5, 2010

History of the YMCA

Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the history of the YMCA.

I. “Good morning everyone. Before I begin my presentation I would like to show everyone a video clip.”
Attention Getter: Youtube video clip plays which will formally give an introduction to the YMCA.

“As you can tell by the video I will be giving a presentation on the YMCA. The YMCA relates to the career path that I’m in now it is also my current job and it also relates to my major. My major is University Studies with concentrations in health and wellness , community studies, and social science. All of these skills are needed to my job effectively. I will give a description of my
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Well these are the colors of the core values with red is caring, blue is honesty, responsibility is green, respect is yellow and faith is purple. iii. Our motto for the YMCA is we build strong kids, strong families and strong communities. This means that we are more than just a workout facility. We get out in the communities and have an impact on our children and families. (Transition: With this being the YMCA has many different programs and event for all ages which leads me to my next major point which will discuss the programs that the YMCA offers.)

II. Programs offered at the YMCA
A. Sports is a popular program offered at the YMCA. The YMCA offers basketball, volleyball, softball and racquetball. These fours sports were all invented by the YMCA according to the YMCA training staff manual. Other sports offered are baseball, t-ball , soccer, flag football, and gymnastics.
B. The YMCA also offers childcare programs which include our kidzone which a day care center at your local branch. While parents workout the day care can watch the children for up to an hour and a half. TheYMCA also has before and afterschool childcare and summer camps and because of these childcare programs the YMCA is the world’s childcare provider.
C. Health and fitness is also a big part of the YMCA featuring aerobic classes, group exercise, personal and strength training. The YMCA offers one of the largest preventative health programs.

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