Coming Home By Sigma And Rita Ora Essay

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The song “Coming Home” by Sigma and Rita Ora aired on November 5th, 2015. This song is about a group of teenager trying to explain to the people who even if they are gone for so long they can always go home to their loved one. However they will encounter many obstacles stay in their way to find the place they could call home. They are out there trying to fight the battle to get back the life they once had and they would not stop until they get it back. Therefore, they decided to go and figure a way out of it. They explore what the outside world is like when they are far away from home. This song is for people all kinds of people who want to listen to music about life and what life is all about out in the real world. The song “Coming Home” by Sigma and Ora is about many teenagers who are lost, lose the people they care about, trying to free their life, and find the place where they could call home and be happy. In the beginning of the music video the singer says that she would never find her home on her own because the life that she living is no longer free. First, the singer is tied by a contract. The contractor would ask the singer what to do and how would she do it. The contract that is signed by the singer would state the condition of where the singer would be. As a result of the contract the singer was no longer have time for herself nor does she have to for all the stuff that she used to do before this life. Another way the singer’s no longer free is she’s in the world…

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