Columbine Shootings And Columbine High School Shooting Essay

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Columbine School Shooting

April 20, 1999, this date for many parents, teachers, and students brings back memories of the horrific school massacre that occurred at the Columbine high school in Littleton Colorado. This event unfortunately claimed far too many lives, leaving many families, parents, students, and even officers with unanswered questions and filled with hatred and a lack of understanding. It was just like any other day,another Tuesday in fact filled at first with the usual routine. An ordinary, normal day was expected, until the shots and screams of horror rang out.

“On April 20th, two teens went on a school spree at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado, killing 13 people and wounding more than 20 others before turning the guns on himself” ( There slaughter was aimed at students and teachers and no absolutely mercey was ever shown, everyone was a target. This incident has been classified as one of the worst high school shooting in U.S. history. “Throughout the day, nearly a thousand police officers and rescue personnel from 47 agencies arrived at the scene” (CBS News). With the whole incident lasting more than 90 minutes. Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold came in prepared for what they knew would turn into a marricare. Harris came equipped with a 12-gauge Savage-Springfield 67H pump action shotgun, fired a total of 25 times. A Hi-point 995 carbine 9mm with thirteen ten round magazines, fired a total of 96 times. Klebold brought with…

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