Argumentative Essay On Mentally Ill

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You Mental?
On December 14, 2015 a man armed with a rifle barged into an elementary school and fatally shot 20 kids and 6 adults(Fox 1). After the incident, the country was in an uproar at what happened and felt that we needed to prevent this from ever happening again. So people started throwing suggestion for ways to prevent it, some wanted to more gun law regulation while other wanted to focus on why the shooter would do this. After the investigation it was determined that the shooter was mentally ill. Because of this, the debate spiraled into ways to prevent mentally ill people from ever owning a gun. If we start taking away their right that’s going to only hinder them from ever seeking help and only bring the country back from it’s evolution
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This is the biggest contributor of the stigma that the mentally ill face everyday. The media and hollywood have to take responsibility and acknowledge that they have been part of the problem and make a plan to fix it. It also says that “ television portrays the mentally ill as having a quality of personal life which is negative in value having a quality of personal life which is more negative than violent criminals.”(Diefenbach 300). The quality of life of the mentally ill just like the handicap has always been portrayed as miserable and unhealthy. This gives people the impression that they should not be around them or else they will feel those things.And finally it states that “Real creativity is expressed by transcending stereotypes to capture an audience. The author challenges current media practitioners to demonstrate their creativity, and fairness.”(Diefenbach 300). This is one of the most horriblest things about television, that it clings on to stereotypes just because it makes their writing easier. So, the authors will have to finally be creative and progress into the 21st century. And with finally if movies and the news were to be conscious of these facts progress will be

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