Colored Girls By Ntozake Shange Essay

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Colored Girls Analysis For Colored Girls Who have considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf was written by Ntozake Shange.
Theme One; colored ladies especially black ladies encounter and struggle soo much in their everyday life. They don’t give up; they endure until they achieve their goals. Shange used devices such as Repetition, Visual Image and Rythm Considering all things, Repetition is used by Shange throughout the text to illustrate self-actualization from different difficulties Black women experience. In “Somebody almost walked off wid alla my stuff” (Shange 63), Shange used this about six times to show the emphasis on how these women felt about themselves once they found love, once they found truly who they really were inside them. They found the women that they have always been but just never knew she was there. He shows various strength of these women and how empowered they have always been during their various struggle. Another way Repetition is utilized to present self-love these women have within themselves. For instance, in the poem “no more love” Shange repeated “my love is too…” (Shange 60) about six times as well, meaning that they should love themselves first before loving any man. They have to know the value of their love before they give it out. They have to love themselves more than any other thing else. In addition, Visual image allows us to imagine and feel what these women feel and as well as show the love they carry among themselves. It is…

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