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Colonisation definition
The New Zealand Oxford dictionary (2005) defines colonisation as “establishing a colony or colonies in a country or area” (p. 215). That means a group of people invading and fully forming a community in a new country or an area. In New Zealand, colonisation was the process of British migrants settling down in the country and building a government after the signing the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840. History of immigration (2005) explains that large numbers of people from Britain came to New Zealand in 1840, after the agreement with Maori gave This assignment will define colonisation in the Aotearoa New Zealand context and discuss how Te Tiriti o Waitangi relates to colonisation for both Maori and non Maori. It will
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English was the dominant language. New Zealand in History (2000) shows, “the use of the Maori language in schools was actively discouraged, in order to encourage assimilation by the Maori into European culture as rapidly as possible” (para.3). Maori elders asked that Maori language should not allow to be used in schools. Their purpose was to influence young Maori to learn European culture and language.
Colonisation has impacted on the Ngati toa people
The whanau show (n.d) states, “Ngati Toa (Ngati Toarangatira) is an iwi (New Zealand Maori tribe) descended from the eponymous ancestor Toarangatira” (para. 1). Ngati Toa (n.d) explains that Te Raupara is the chief of Nagti Toa tribe, who led war parties from Miria-te-kakara at Rangitikei to Wellington, across Cook Strait to Wairau and Nelson. But the tribe lives mainly around Porirua.
Ngati Toa people owned lots of land. Porirua City New Zealand (n.d) says, “from the 1820s to the 1850s Ngati Toa occupied at least 13 major pa or villages within the current Poriurua City boundaries” (para. 7). However when the British colonists came after the Treaty of Waitangi, the government took a lot of their lands for roads, airports, schools, housing and many other things. “In about 1950, a lot of our people's lands, where they lived were taking by the government” (W. Katene, personal communication, May 16, 2011). W. Katene (personal communication, May 16, 2011) said that the hills of Elsdon and land from Porirua

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