Colloidal Silver : A Natural Health Practitioner Essay

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higher dose according to the acute condition being treated and the doses are usually double or triple the amount recommended and for less time according to the practitioner recommendation.
Colloidal Silver Controversy 6 In case of severe illness, a natural health practitioner may adjust the recommended dose. Colloidal Silver is eliminated from the body via five channels, the liver, kidney, skin, lungs and bowels just in case the body is overloaded with colloidal silver. Some side effects of colloidal silver overload may cause flu like symptoms, headache, extreme fatigue, dizziness, nausea or aching muscles. None of the side effects associated with colloidal silver have been shown to be toxic or lethal.
Colloidal Silver can also be used topically, colloidal silver is used as a nasal spray mister reaching sinuses and canal passages. Colloidal silver also has been used in bathrooms and kitchens as an antiseptic. Other topical uses of colloidal silver have been proven effective against infection on the skin, eyes, throat and burns. Colloidal Silver is painless when used on cuts, abrasions and open wounds. (All Natural, 2016). Even with all of the results presented by supporters of colloidal silver, it is still a controversial subject within the medical establishment. Many critics of colloidal silver therapy do not consider it to be a wonder drug.
Critics of colloidal silver are skeptic about testimonial and argued that colloidal silver is not even an element and has…

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