Collegiate Recreation Participation And Retention Article Critique

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Collegiate Recreation Participation and Retention Article Critique
Stephanie Nielsen
KIN 512 Research Methods
February 13th, 2015

Purpose and Research Question In the article, Collegiate Recreation Participation and Retention, researchers Stephen Kampf and Eric Teske attempt to prove a correlation between collegiate recreation programs and retention of first year college students. This study aimed to answer the question of whether or not a college campuses program had an impact on their campuses retention. Colleges and universities continue to be watched over for the expenses that they acquire. With budget cuts and program justifications, collegiate recreation has started to be seen as nonimportant to the overall collegiate experience and now is viewed as a nonessential on college campuses and universities. Kampf and Teske aim to show that college recreation programs provide students a chance to participate in activities outside of the classroom to help them grow inside of the classroom.
Importance of Research Collegiate recreation is a growing force among college campuses and universities today. The quality of an individual’s collegiate experience is centered around the institution and what it can provide for the individual, both in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. As individuals who are in the field of recreation and sports, it is important that we continue to show that recreation is a necessity for the students and the campus as a…

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