College Work Ethics Influenced By An Ideal Hope Essay example

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College Work Ethics Influenced by an Ideal Hope What do we as a society define “making it”. Many believe that “making it means to have money and many material possessions. Others in the other hand define it to be successful and to have self worth. Media, schools, and people are consistently linking “making it” with having money, education, and a superb job. However is this romantic idea of achieving this social status healthy to American college students and their work ethics? It may not be healthy for college students but it does make their work ethics higher. The values, characteristics, and actions of “making it” does succeed in getting college students to achieve a greater work ethic. The idea in “making it” to the American population is highly valued because this allows people to have social mobility. College students are consistently being pressured to work hard because that would lead them to riches and great success. American college students have to stay up countless nights to finish assignments because if they don’t they will not achieve high social status. This status is what students strive for because media glorifies it and that anything less is failing. In Framing Class, Vicarious Living, and Conspicuous Consumption by Diana Kendall she states “through media representation of wealth and success is reflected in many people’s reading and viewing habits and in their patterns of consumption” (425). Since the media gives a crucial role in influencing students,…

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