College Women : Stop Getting Drunk By Emily Yoffe Essay

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In the article “College Women: Stop Getting Drunk,” Emily Yoffe from Slate primarily focuses on the story of female students being exposed to potential sexual assault as a consequence of alcohol drinking. However, former colleague of Emily Yoffe strongly argues in the article “To Prevent Rape of College Campuses, Focus on the Rapist, Not the Victims,” Amanda Hess agrees some of the ideas from Yoffe, but she opposes that female college students is not the one who should be careful about sexual assault due to the overdose of alcohol. Hess points out that college should focus on the male student who is primary threats to the plastered girl to prevent a potential threat of sexual assault by strongly punishing and controlling them in college campuses. However, there was one article from The Cut, “College Men: Stop Getting Drunk,” Ann Friedman points out that since men who overdosed a drink is the potential threat of rape in the party, they are the one who is responsible of drinking alcohol, they are the one who should know the limit of drinking alcohol in order to self-control themselves to not involve in a sexual assault. All three authors have provided a possible solution to resolve the sexual, however it leaves an argument that whether it could possibly stop all the sexual assault. I believe that everyone need to know their responsibility of drinking an alcohol and respecting others will resolve the sexual assault by the consequences of overdosing an alcohol.
Sexual assault…

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