Houghton College Alcohol Case Study

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Houghton College will be keeping its current policy against alcohol use on its campus. Houghton college is a private liberal arts and sciences college in Caneadea, New York, which is sponsored by the Wesleyan church. The college, founded in 1883 by Willard J. Houghton, has a history notable for its ties to 19th century moral reform and its high standards of behavior. This has included a policy against alcohol on campus.
Recently, their sponsor, the Wesleyan church had revised its theological policies on alcohol use. The Wesleyans had changed their policy to consolidate tiers of affiliation. Formerly, those in the top tier were required not to use alcohol. Following the changes the requirement of non-drinking for official “covenant membership”
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For instance, Alice Dreger points to some the problems of alcohol and university acceptance of alcohol by colleges in her article “Step in, or Look Away”. The article act in response following a New York Times report on drinking and sexual assault on five major universities, which contended that the alcohol soaked scenes in those colleges laid the groundwork for rampant sexual assault. Dreger adds to this by reporting the connections between alcohol and sexual assaults she has noticed which living near Michigan State College. Her account includes instances off being awoken by screams for help, and instances of seeing drunken women being dragged into houses. She states her instances of debated worries of whether to make calls to police about suspicious instances, in which not calling would risk possible sexual assaults occurring, and calling could risk pulling police away from responding to other instances of alcohol poisoning. She recounts the local police chief stating that their police were overtaxed dealing with the problems caused from drinking, and trying to mitigate the damages arising from such behaviors. She also points to how the increased use of alcohol sales at college sporting events have both expanded the access of alcohol, but have increased the willingness of colleges to tolerate drinking, and overlook the problems caused by

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