Essay about College Sports Gone Too Far

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College Sports Gone too Far In the past 18 years the University of North Carolina (UNC) alone had thousands of student-athletes enrolled in fake classes in order to boost their GPA and keep them eligible to play sports. Many Americans believe that colleges and universities are placing too much focus on sports and not enough on education. Colleges are putting too much emphasis on sports and need to have a better balance between education and sports, but colleges are not solely to blame. Students are also to blame for this problem because most of them have devoted themselves to sports and lost all focus on education. Sports have taken too large of a priority over education for college student-athletes. In a recent poll two-thirds of Americans believe that college sports are necessary but should be better balanced with education (Huffington Post). Sports are necessary but they are not more important than an education. Very few college athletes make it to the professional level so they should have an education to fall back on when they are not drafted. Polls have also shown that many believe that the heavy focus placed on sports is because of the competitiveness between colleges (Huffington Post). Many colleges and universities have gone too far in the matter of competitiveness. Colleges spend too much money on sports scholarships and not enough on educational scholarships. Yet another poll, also showed that people think that colleges spend too much on sports (Huffington…

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