College Is The Last Step Of Education Essay

987 Words Mar 25th, 2016 4 Pages
University is the last step in education. Not everyone has the opportunity to attend, and the ones that can go through very tough times. Not all the ones that register for college actually made it to graduation. The ones that made it, make their families and themselves proud for being strong enough to handle all the hard times for many years. College is not an easy task for anyone; even for the smartest person. There will always be some difficulty throughout the course. It is a shame that people who are smart enough for college can not attend to school due to not having enough income. College opens a lot of opportunities in life. This is the reason many people choose to go to College. Having a major and better pay is what encourage students to keep studying. In order to reach that degree students have to work very hard for it. For this reason, a lot of students end up stressed either by excessive work, family time or financial problems.
First, most students have to take four or more courses in order to be a full-time student. This might be hard to handle because the teachers tend to leave a lot of homework, but also a lot of reading. College is not like high school where it takes about a week or two to go through one chapter. In college students review one chapter for every class. In addition, some courses are harder than others for this reason they have to study more. In some classes, you need to learn new vocabulary words, memorize them, and read the entire chapter before…

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