College Is Not The Normal College Process For A Student Athlete

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Choosing what college to go to is not the normal college process for a student-athlete. Playing softball has been my entire life and I had an option to play at either the University of Notre Dame or Hofstra University. The travel softball team I played for was a feeder team for the University of Notre Dame, which is when a team is trained the way the college coach teaches, thus many players from the travel team end up attending that college. The University of Notre Dame is obviously very well known and it could be special to go there, but too many people were going to Notre Dame on my travel team, so it was not as extraordinary to get a scholarship there. Hofstra University and the University of Notre Dame are very prestigious colleges with excellent softball programs and academics, but was it foolish to choose a school based on being different and extraordinary? (I chose to go to Hofstra University, but was it to avoid looking like a fool or was I a fool for not choosing Notre Dame? )

Since I was eight years old I was told that Notre Dame was the college I should go to. I met the Notre Dame softball coaches when I was ten years old and I have got very close to them since then. They would come into my training facility to teach us the way Notre Dame plays and help coach the teams. It was very common for players from my travel team to be recruited to play for Notre Dame. About one to two players a year would be recruited to go there.

My sophomore year of high school…

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