College Is An Age Of Development And Maturation Essay

1551 Words Mar 8th, 2016 7 Pages
College: a stretch of time characterized by rivers of shitty beer, clouds of skunk smelling smoke, and sexual tension that heats up rooms. Amidst all of these antics students are free to do as they please, not accountable for their actions or held to responsibilities. Living in this bubble called college, generally at an age of development and maturation, has many effects on who people are. Specifically, college is a time for ‘finding yourself,’ or defining who you are and how you feel about who you are. A very vital aspect of this is the social interactions had in college. Because college students are at the age of heightened interest in sex, romantic relationships have a pivotal influence on self-esteem. While the correlation between one’s self-esteem and romantic relationship has been studied in the field of marriage, there is little to no research on the implications relationship status has on self-esteem in college students. Because the college experience is almost completely isolated from the real world (i.e. no real consequences or incentives for failure or success), we must research the question further in a college setting. Additionally, it has been found in various research (see Jaret 2005) that women are more affected by their relationship status than men, and therefore studying the differences between men and women’s self-esteem in relation to relationship status can be telling of gender differences in romantic social interactions. The particular question I hope…

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