College Is A Waste Of Time Essay

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“College is a waste of time” and “Hidden Intellectualism” both share the concept that the educational curriculum should be changed to interest people’s minds more and that it’s too expensive to waste money on. These two essays make the reader understand that both authors are wanting to change the curriculum to fit people’s interests rather than the curriculum that is being taught today, which fail to teach a variety of subjects. In “College is a waste of time,” Dale Stephens acknowledges that college isn’t right for everyone, he uses his own opinions to back up his evidence. Dale clarifies that college is expensive. He refers to the College Board Policy Center because tuition is about 3.6 times higher today than it was 30 years ago. Dale suggests that “college fails to empower students with the skills necessary to become productive members of society.” Dale believes that one can be successful without having a college education or a college degree. In Hidden Intellectualism, Gerald Graff assumes that people who are “street smart”, aren’t book smart. In most cases this is due to the curriculum that schools must follow, although Graff thinks that schools can cater to everyone’s individual needs, it’s impossible. Throughout the passage, he uses himself as an example by showing he was your typical teenage intellectual. In his writing, the author magnifies the lack of motivation by several students including himself. Graff himself writes “the only reading I cared to do or could do…

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