College Is A Transitional Time For Any Students Life Essay

844 Words Dec 19th, 2016 4 Pages
Learning to learn College is a transitional time in any students life. Many leave home, discover who they are as a person on a new level and use it as a time to set goals. College is the perfect time to restart and many students use this time as a time to restart on grades and their grade point average, Those that may have gotten C’s and D’s may strive for B’s and even A’s. When a student sets a goal actions must be taken in order to achieve these goals. Everyone college student should strive for good grades by attending class regularly, seeking out resources offered, and putting away technology while in class and doing work assigned. Attending class regularly can help the student achieve better grades because teachers use class time to go over information homework doesn 't always cover, reinforce learning objectives, and review homework to ensure clarity. Going over information homework doesn 't always cover is essential to achieving good grades because part of receiving good grades is doing well on tests, due to them being a high percentage of overall grade. Tests go over information covered in class, and homework in order to make sure that a student has a firm grasp on topics being covered. If a student relies on only what is learned in homework, they will miss 50% of what is taught. Reinforcing learning objectives in class, helps students who attend the classes achieve better grades because the learning material becomes better engraved in the students mind, which…

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