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Housing for College Freshman
College is a big change in a person’s life. College is a change for young students and old. Students worry about tuition, books, and student loans regardless of age. Student housing is one of the biggest obstacles a college freshman will face. The small dormitories and community bathrooms are horrendous. The apartment style dorms are too expensive and harbor strict rules. These places are not appropriate or suitable for children or elders to live in. Older college freshman cannot live with their children under these conditions. A college freshman should not be required to live on campus because of the cost associated with housing and meal plans, the age of the college freshman, and the other primary responsibilities the person has.
The cost associated with housing is too expensive for some college freshman students to afford. Tuition, meal plans, and books are mandatory expenses for college students;
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The age of the college freshman should be key in determining whether or not they must live on campus. Those who are at least twenty-one should not be required to live on campus if they do not want to. Family is always first in someone’s life. Some eighteen-year-old college freshman may have children; therefore, their children are a primary responsibility. Elders may need the college freshman’s assistance at home. College is a big change in a person’s life. A college student’s last worry should be student housing. Tuition, meal plans and books are mandatory expenses; therefore, student housing should be optional in order to minimize the cost. Costly dorms should be options and the alternative should be off campus housing. The student should be able to determine where they want to live while they further their education through

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