College For Cancer During The 2015-16 Year Essay example

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What do you consider to be your most meaningful contribution to Colleges Against Cancer during the 2015-16 year?

I think I consider my participation in Relay for Life event as the most meaningful contribution that I have made to Colleges Against Cancer during the school year. I was not able to attend Tuesday meetings especially on winter quarter because of a job I had that needed me on Tuesday nights. However, this did not hinder me to constantly communicate to my other committee members. When time permitted this spring, I actively participated during Tuesday meetings, some of the flyering weeks, the production for Relay props, and the event itself. On the production of the props, I helped in making posters and making the cars made up of boxes. On the Relay for Life Event, I received my schedule in my name tag but it was blank. I decided to just be a general helper and assist anyone needing help. From transferring heavy equipment (tables and carts with drinks) from Pauley, to the IM Field, to Drake, to distributing Relay t-shirts, to assisting of getting the bucket of ice and transferring of food from the car to the Pauley kitchen to Drake are some of the big things that I did. When I was not doing anything, I stayed in the Hospitality tent to assist people in distributing / refilling food or stayed in the spirit tent. Overall, I participated in as much programs as I could and follow instructions given to me by the board when they needed me. As the event ended, I stayed…

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