College Essay for Fashion Schools

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Monyette Miller While preparing myself for college I began to ask myself, “What are my career goals and how do I expect my college education at California College of the Arts to help me attain them?” A question that I am now able to answer with confidence; My career goal is to become a well equipped fashion and jewelry designer who can bring innovation and convey my interpretations of the world through my skill of design. After graduation I plan to use my education and my design skills to pursue a position in an international business, such as Marc Jacobs. After gaining enough recognition in the industry, I then wish to establish my own …show more content…
I can also use other courses offered to nurture my creativity and receive basic education in Mathematics and English.

California College of the Arts also holds such an influence in the fashion world. There are many members of the staff who work on their own fashion collections, who are photographers, and communication experts. It is all about who you know, and I am confident your faculty knows the actions I must take to become successful. Aside from staff, this college has a well developed system that leads their graduates to have employment the industry. The fashion world is a very competitive business, and that is why CCA exposes their students to businesses dedicated to fashion. It is a method that allows students to showcase their talent and receive recognition for it. California College of the Arts is the best place for me to reach my goals. It serves as a strong foundation for me to become a great designer. The lifestyle I would live when attending this college would be one I would be very comfortable in. Best of all, CCA’s exclusive access in the fashion world will help me become the designer I want to be. I can see what my future would be if I graduate from this college…I see success. I am committed to educating myself, and will absorb myself in my studies. I plan to devote all of my time to practice what I learn, and go to the extra mile. For example, trying to learn

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